This ukulele is in perfect condition and comes with a case which is also in perfect condition. We have had it for half a year. We live just south of 87th in Naperville:)
Sandra Bullock, George Cloony DVD 2 Disc Special Edition Watch 1x.
Comedy Central (MA) $6 each Roast of Bob Saget Roast of Pamela Anderson Robin Williams Live on Broadway Night at the Museum/NATM: Battle for the Smithsonian $6 X Men Animated Series Volume 1 6 Disc Set $12 Citizen Kane $8 Gravity (viewed once) $6
Dexter Seasons 1-3 Excellent Condition $20 for all watched once Entourage Season One Excellent Condition $10 watched once Firefly Season One Great Condition $5 Friends Season 3 Great Condition $5 Gray's Anatomy Season One Great Condition $10 watched once Modern Family Season One Great Condition $5 The Tudors Season One Great Condition $5 Walking Dead Season One w Bonus Season 5 Walker in the Wa...
2 DVD sets in Widescreen: The Two Towers and The Return of the King . Used but in great condition with Bonus Features DVDs.
Great starter guitar. Purchased at Guitar Center for $100. Comes with case and tuner.
new in package Top Gun 3D. Great for last second gift idea
See Google doc link below to copy and search for a continuously updated list of 150 albums I'm willing to say goodbye to if someone else can give them a loving home. My sixth grader helped me pare my 200+ CD collection to the ones too special to lose, and he typed the list and is getting half of...